License Fee Evaluation

At the January, February and March Commission Meetings, the Commissioners will be evaluating our license fee structure.

Please review the following documents for more information:

    Summary of January Commission presentation - January 2015

    License Fees in Today's Environment Part 1 presentation - January 2015

    Update on License Fee Evaluation - January Meeting location update

    Original Mailed Notice - December 22, 2014

Bid Opportunity

The Washington State Gambling Commission is contracting for the development of a Cost Allocation Model. It is open to bidders who belong to a pre-qualified bidder pool. The pre-qualified bidder pool was created by the Department of Enterprise Service and is based on a previous solicitation in which vendors participated for future work opportunities under a master contract.

For a copy of the work request click on the following link:
    Cost Allocation Work Request.
If you belong to the pre-qualified bidder pool and are interested in bidding please refer to:
    WEBS Registration & Search Tips

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