Training Handouts

Training Handouts

Title Number
Amusement Game Licensee Training Letter GC5-217
Amusement Games - Minimum Requirements GC5-010
Authorized Amusement Games GC5-028
Bingo Licensee Training - Class A-C Letter GC5-209a
Bingo Licensee Training - Class D & E Letter GC5-209b
Bingo Licensee Training - Class F & Above Letter GC5-209c
Bingo Presentation GC5-015
Bingo Records Packet - Class A, B & C GC2-098
Bingo Records Packet - Class F & Above GC2-050
Bingo Records Packet - Standard Format GC2-010
Card Room, Class D - Administrative Rules Outline GC2-234
Card Room Commercial Licensee Training Letter GC5-207
Card Room Employee Orientation GC5-007
Card Room - F Endorsement Records Packet GC2-310
Card Room - House-Banked Games Internal Control Template GC2-330
Card Room - House-Banked Records Packet GC2-255
Card Room - Non House-Banked Games Internal Control Template GC2-345
Card Room Records Packet GC2-231
Criminal Violations GC5-207a
Distributors, Service Suppliers, and their Representatives Orientation Information GC5-011
Fund Raising Event Licensee Training Letter GC5-211
Fund Raising Event Records Packet GC2-143
Fund Raising Event Records Packet - Limited GC2-326
Fund Raising Event Inspection Checklist GC5-212
Law Enforcement Agency Guide GC5-218
Management Guidelines for the Charitable / Nonprofit Gambling Licensee GC5-008
Punchboard/Pull-Tab Commercial Licensee Training Letter GC5-208a
Punchboard/Pull-Tab Nonprofit Licensee Training Letter GC5-208b
Punchboard/Pull-Tab Records Packet GC2-154
Raffle Licensee Training Letter GC5-210
Raffle Record Keeping Packet GC2-150

Training Videos

Title Time
Case of the Misplaced Trust 15:03
Charitable Nonprofit Gambling: Responsibilities of Officers and Board Members 15:15
Punchboards and Pull-Tabs: What Employees Need to Know 15:35


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