Rules & Laws

Rules and Laws

During the Commission's review process, all proposed rule changes are published in the Washington State Register.

Rule-Making Process and How You Can Comment

Agency staff review all proposed rule changes before they are discussed by the Commissioners. Staff prepares a rule summary, which includes a history of the rule, previous changes made to the rule, and resource/regulatory impacts the change could have. Rule summaries are posted on our website about ten days before the Commission Meeting they will be discussed at. Go to Public Meetings and select the Commission meeting they will be discussed at. Sign-up to have Commission meeting agendas and rule summaries e-mailed to you each month after they are posted.

Below is the typical process proposed rule changes follow after staff review a proposal and it moves forward for public discussion:

Proposed rule changes are generally discussed at one or two informal study sessions and two or more formal Commission meetings. Study Sessions and Commission meetings are open to the public. You are invited to attend to share your comments on proposed rule changes.

Formal Commission meetings are usually held the second Thursday and Friday of each month (meetings are not held in June and December). Check Public Meetings on our website as meeting dates get closer, as meetings are sometimes changed to a one-day meeting.

Study Sessions are typically held 10:30 a.m. to noon Thursday mornings before Commission meetings. Study Sessions are informal meetings that provide an opportunity for you to meet with staff and discuss current issues, proposed rule changes, enforcement questions, and legislative bills.

  • Proposed changes are discussed at Study Sessions (first month), before they are Up for Filing by the Gambling Commissioners at a formal Commission meeting.
  • The following month (second month), proposed rule changes are Up for Filing at a Commission meeting and are generally filed for discussion.
  • The following month (third month), proposed rule changes are discussed at Study Session again.
  • At the following Commission meeting (fourth month), the rule is Up for Final Action and the Commission will decide whether to adopt the change or not. Any additional comments from staff and the public can be discussed at this meeting. If additional time is needed to determine Final Action, the Commission, staff, a petitioner, or the public can request the rules be held over to the next meeting.

Send Us Your Comments:
If you are unable to attend a meeting and would like to comment on a proposed rule change, please send your comments to:

Washington State Gambling Commission
Attention: Rules Coordinator
P.O. Box 42400
Olympia, WA 98504
or by e-mail

For questions, please call the agency’s Rules Coordinator at (360) 486-3466 or by e-mail

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