Public Opinion Surveys

In 2011, the Washington State University Social & Economic Sciences Research Center (WSU) surveyed 532 residents by telephone to learn about gambling practices of Washington State residents, their knowledge of gambling regulation, and their opinions on a range of policy issues. WSU also conducted this survey in 2005.

Public Opinion Survey Report 2012 (This report makes comparisons to the 2006 survey)
    Overview of 2012 Survey Results

Public Opinion Survey Report 2006
    Overview of 2006 Survey Results

Below are examples of information you can read about in the reports:

  • Are Games Fair and Honest?
    78% of respondents said gambling was very/mostly honest and fair. About 1/4 said gambling was not very/not at all honest or fair. The percentage reporting that gambling is very/mostly honest and fair was 2% higher in 2011 than 2005.

  • Favorite Forms of Gambling:
    The top three forms of gambling in 2005 and 2011 were the lottery, tribal casinos, and non-tribal card games. In 2005, more residents preferred tribal casinos, while in 2011, more preferred the lottery.

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