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Underage Gambling

The legal age to gamble in Washington state is 18 years or older (WAC 230-06-010). Not only is underage gambling illegal in Washington State, but it can result in some very serious consequences, including problem gambling. Underage gambling is a civil infraction and the penalty includes a fine of up to $125, up to four hours of community service, court costs, and forfeiture of any winnings.

Dog Fighting - If You Suspect It, Report It

Did you know there is a form of illegal gambling with a dark and deadly side that takes place right here in Washington State? It's wagering on dog fights. Illegal gambling goes hand-in-hand, or jaw-to-jaw, when dogs are trained to fight other dogs - sometimes to the death - with thousands of dollars wagered on the fights. Dog fighting is the worst kind of gambling - especially for the dogs who don't have a choice. Dog fighting isn't something that only happened in the past. It is a thriving multi-million dollar industry.

Not only is dog fighting illegal and cruel, illegal gambling and other crimes take place at these violent events. The Gambling Commission protects the public by ensuring gambling is legal and honest. "This form of illegal gambling has a very dark side," says Dave Trujillo, Director of the Gambling Commission. "It fuels cruelty, pain and even death. We need your help to stop this blood sport."

If you suspect dog fighting, report it to Susan Newer at 360-486-3466. You may be eligible for a $5,000 reward. Fights can take place in garages, vacant buildings, large yards, barns and basements. Signs of fighting:
  • Blood spatter
  • Scarring on dogs
  • Animal shipping paperwork
  • Animal fur, bones, decomposed bodies
  • Weight scales
  • Records for training
  • Rolled up carpet
  • Suture kits, IV kits, sponges, bandages, drugs
  • Wash tubs
  • Malnourished dogs
  • Large wood planks (for pit)

Problem Gambling

Help for Problem Gambling is available 24/7 at the Problem Gambling Helpline: (800) 547-6133

We can meet with your organization or group to give a presentation about gambling related issues, including problem and underage gambling. CLICK HERE to send us a brief e-mail describing your organization and what you would like to learn. Be sure to include all your contact information. We will respond to you promptly.

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